About Us

At Cylcon.com, we help people find a new job and employers hire the right candidates through our strict job search algorithm. We are both a job aggregator and a job search engine but we like to think of ourselves as a facilitator in the recruitment industry.

We match the two million jobs that we receive from our partners with the ten million users who utilize our services. Therefore, our results will closely align with what our users are looking for. We pledge that we will neither distract our users with unwanted advertising nor will we include unwelcome signup forms, lead generation or other ancillary interstitial products that distract you from viewing and applying to jobs.

We build trust with our users and drive quality traffic to our advertisers. We pledge to our partners that we will not develop a competitive sales team and will not use the data we generate to their detriment. Our vision is to help our partners achieve their goals by fulfilling a need in the marketplace. We want to be a trusted provider who will not become their competitor.

The founders at Cylcon.com each have over a decade of experience in the recruitment industry. One of their biggest joys in life is helping people find jobs.